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In the case where one is overcalling an opening bid of 1 heart and the overcaller has 13 points but doesn't have 5 of a suit but has 4 spades, 4 hearts, 3 diamonds and 2 clubs, does this hand permit an overcall or double bid or must the overcaller pass?

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Pass would probably be the recommended course of action by a majority of experts but a sizable minority might choose to make a takeout double despite the flaws (only 2 clubs and 4 cards in the opening bid suit) because of the four card holding in the unbid major suit. If you do decide to double, however, you must be ready to pass any response by partner even if he bids 2 clubs. A third possibility arises if your spade suit is AKJx or better. With a suit that good you would be allowed to overcall 1 spade even though the suit is only four cards in length. You should only make this kind of four card overcall at the one level though.

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