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If I bid and make 4 spades I get 30 points for each trick, below theline.
Do I also get a bonus above the line for making a game bid?

Scoring in Rubber  Bridge -

There is a difference in the Scoring methodology for Rubber and Duplicate Bridge.

Knowing how the scoring works is part of the excitement of Rubber Bridge.

The Basic Suit scoring values are the same as in Duplicate bridge:

• Minors (Clubs and Diamonds) score 20 per trick
• Majors (Hearts and Spades) score 30 per trick

• No Trumps score 40 for the first trick and 30 each succeeding trick

To score a “Game” you need to score 100. (points)


• To make game in a minor you need to bid and make 5 ---  5x20 = 100
• To make game in a major you need to bid and make 4 ---- 4x30 = 120
• To make game in No Trumps you need to bid and make 3 ----  40+2x30 = 100

The first pair to win two games wins a “Rubber”. The win of a Rubber earns a large bonus:

• 700 if you win two straight games
• 500 if you win two out of three games

There are also large Bonuses for small and grand SLams, as well as bonuses for

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