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Partner is playing a bid contract and he/she does not follow suit when opp leads a card. As dummie I ask partner if he/she is out of that suit. Partner has card in that suit and corrects the error before the trick is "established" (RULE 62). Is it proper for dummie to speak up or is this a bridge rule violation?  Also is it proper for the opposition to ask their partner if they are out of a suit when it has been led and played by all players?


Both actions are proper.

According to Law 42

Dummy is entitled to give information as to fact or law, but may not initiate the discussion; and he may also

(a) ask declarer (but not a defender), when he has failed to follow suit, whether he has a card of the suit led.
(b) try to prevent any irregularity* by declarer.
(c) draw attention to any irregularity, but only after play is concluded.

* He may, for example, warn declarer against leading from the wrong hand

Also, Law 61 states

Any player may ask a player who has failed to follow suit whether he has a card of the suit led, and may demand that an opponent correct his revoke, except that dummy may ask of declarer, but not of a defender.

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