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My LHO opened partner RHO bid redouble....I had 1 queen and passed....the LHO passed and my partner passed!    My partner swore I should have bid!   The opponents made 4 clubs!   Question?  Should I have bid?   And how do I score the bid?7


You are not obligated to bid since partner will get another chance. A good rule is to bid if you have a preference for one of the unbid suits...a five card suit or a four card major. Your point count doesn't matter. In this auction, opening bidder and doubler rate to have a minimum of 12-13 points each. When you add the 10 points that the redouble shows, how many points are left over for you? At most 5 or so and having just one queen is not unusual. Therefore you should bid based not on points but on whether you have a preferred suit. You objective is to get out of the auction without suffering a large penalty. If you have no preference, perhaps four clubs and three of everything else, you should pass. However, it is very unlikely that your side has enough strength to prevent the opponents from making their contract, probably with overtricks. Therefore, if you do pass, indicating no preferred suit of your own, partner must bid when it comes around to him. Letting them play 1C redoubled is out of the question.

The score is 830 if the opponents ate not vulnerable and 1430 if they are vulnerable.

1C redoubled is 20x4 = 80 plus 50 for the part score plus 100 for the redouble = 230. Then each overtrick is 200 each if they are not vulnerable or 400 each if they are vulnerable.  

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I can answer questions on bidding and on cardplay with the caveat that the former may necessarily involve some subjectivity. I have been playing tournament bridge for over 20 years and I have won several regional tournaments.

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