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I play in a group of players that play double deck pinochle. We have a dispute as to what a certain meld is worth. We play that a triple marriage or a triple pinochle is 60 points and a double run is 150 points. Now if you have a triple marriage in Spades or a triple pinochle combined with a double run in spades, what is it worth. Some of us say 210 points and some say 180 points. Who is right?

Hi there.

There is no central organization (and standardized rules) for the game of Double Deck Pinochle, as there is for Bridge, Cribbage, Whist, and other card game organizations.

As the years have passed, a lot of the melding and scoring rules at tournaments have been accepted by many local groups of players.

The NPA  (National Pinochle Assocaition) has their own set of Meld scoring Rules. Point vlaues are higher in their system of scoring.

Regarding your inquiry, I would have scored the presented scenario as 210 points..

I would suggest that you go to the site:  
(a "clearing house" for all card game rules.)

Click on to the alpahbetical index  for Pinochle.  (Double deck, meld and scoring)

Pagat's site is a treasure trove of infomration.

I hope this helps.

Have a nice day.

- J

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