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at close to  end of play of a hard it is discovered that one player has less cards than other players.  Is the hand thrown in or what?


If the deck is a full deck and the cards were dealt correctly then technically, according to the laws, a redeal is not called for. The missing card may either be part of a previous trick if the offender accidentally played 2 cards to that trick or, alternatively, it may someplace else...dropped on the floor or mistakenly eaten as part of a sandwich. In these cases the rules are complicated and may involve revoke penalties and penalty cards. Therefore, I would suggest in a social game that if this is just an accident and not some devious plot to try to cheat or to avoid a bad result, then, if the card is an unimportant card and the result of the deal is pretty well established, you can let the result stand. Otherwise, if everyone agrees,  the deal can just be thrown in provided that this does not harm the non offending side or deprive them of a favorable result.  

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I can answer questions on bidding and on cardplay with the caveat that the former may necessarily involve some subjectivity. I have been playing tournament bridge for over 20 years and I have won several regional tournaments.

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