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Is "Short Club" and "Short Diamond" the same thing as bidding "Better Minor"?  In other words, if you have opening points and insufficient (majors) spades or hearts, do you in both instances bid the strongest minor?

Thank you for your response.

Stewart Fluney


If you have an opening bid and no 5 card major then you may be forced to bid a 3 card minor suit. This is just a feature of the five card major system.

The "short club" is different. This commonly refers to a style that some people play where they are required to have at least a 4 card diamond suit in order to open 1D. Therefore, if they are dealt 4 spades, 4 hearts, 3 diamonds and 2 clubs they cannot open 1S or 1H since they don't have 5 of them and they cannot open 1D since they don't have 4 diamonds. They are forced to open 1C even though they only have a two card club suit.

You have to realize that even though they are allowed to open 1C on a two card suit, it only would happen on the exact suit distribution described above. This only occurs a small percentage of the time so, as a result, most of time that they open 1C they will have 3, 4 or more clubs.

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