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I open the bidding with 1 spade.  My left hand opponent passes.  My partner bids "2 dia, no 2 clubs".  Which bid stands and is there a penalty?


If a player inadvertently makes a mistaken bid that he did not intend to make, that player may substitute his intended call for the mistaken call, but only if he does so, or attempts to do so, without pause for thought.

If that is not the case then the offender can

(i)  allow his first call to stand and (penalty) his partner must pass at his next turn; or

(ii)  make any other legal call and (penalty) his partner must pass for the rest of the auction.

This is a good way to shut your partner up...only kidding.  

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I can answer questions on bidding and on cardplay with the caveat that the former may necessarily involve some subjectivity. I have been playing tournament bridge for over 20 years and I have won several regional tournaments.

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