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My Partner and I have just adopted two over one forcing to game and were dealt this hand. Please inform us as to the best way to bid it.
Dealer East NV
       West          East
S 10 9 3          S 2
H K J 5          H A 6
D A 10          D K Q J 10 8 7 5 4
C A 7 6 5 2          C Q 8

Also is it true that "forcing to game" includes 3NT, four of a major and four of a minor?


An informal poll of a number of experts seems to lean toward the following auction


The 2H bid would general show a four card suit and the bid here is somewhat flawed. It is an attempt to get to a notrump contract by implying that East has heart values but is weak in spades. If East happens to respond 3H, West can hopefully recover by bidding 4D but I can see where this could possibly lead to confusion. However, I believe that it is preferable to the alternatives of bidding 2NT with no spade stopper or bidding 3D.

Most people play that forcing to game includes stopping in 4 of a minor, as you mentioned, so the 4D bid can technically be passed. East is at a minimum for his 2C bid, however he has 2 aces and a king so he would not be faulted for bidding 5D instead. In any event West, with 8 solid diamonds and a singleton spade opposite implied spade weakness in East and the Ace of hearts and queen of clubs, should see that the hands fit very well and should certainly bid 5D and a case can be made for looking for slam by bidding 4NT. This would lead to a contract of 6D which basically depends on the heart finesse.  

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