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I opened one diamond with 4441 and 13 points,partners response was 2nt with 13 points,what should be my response?
Thank you,and find this site very informative.


It seems that 3NT would be the most reasonable response. With 26 points you should bid a game. Partner has probably denied holding a 4 card major so there is no 4-4 major suit fit and even if partner has a diamond fit, making 11 tricks in diamonds is usually a lot harder than making 9 tricks in NT. Partner rates to have some length and strength in clubs, probably with a stopper or two.

Furthermore, there are really no adequate bidding tools available to investigate any other alternative. If you bid 3 of a major that would show a distributional hand with at least 5-4 in diamonds and the major if not 6-4 or 6-5. Bidding 3D would tend to show a 6 card diamond suit and very likely a major suit singleton or void. So just bid your most likely game which is 3NT and hope for the best.

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