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During the bidding if you jump in your partner's suit, is it lawful to say, I jumped?


In duplicate bridge there is a practice known as a "skip bid" warning. This occurs whenever you make a bid that skips over one or more levels of bidding, either as an opening bidder, responder or overcaller.

For example, you open a weak 2 hearts. Say, “Skip bid, please wait,” before you make your call, or use the red Stop card in the bidding box. This allows your left-hand opponent recover from the surprise of your jump and an opportunity to rethink a level higher. The warning obligates him to hesitate 10 seconds, minimizing any information that might be transmitted by an immediate call.

In social bridge this practice is optional. However, this is the only thing you are allowed to say and if you choose not to follow this practice you are not allowed to say or do anything else to call attention to your bid.

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