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Bridge Hand
Bridge Hand  
QUESTION: The bidding proceeded 1H P 1S 2D 2H P 4H. Playing Support Doubles should opener rebid his excellent heart suit or make a support double with this hand.


You didn't tell me what opener's hand is.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: in the diagram  Opener is East with JXX AKQXXX XXX X.


First let me say that the hand should probably be played in a part score, either hearts or spades. Spades is not necessarily better. 4S is a terrible contract and only makes because of the fact that there is a doubleton KQ of spades.

Regarding the support double question, there is a difference of opinion on this issue with some people arguing that the first priority should be to show 3 card support by making the support double since otherwise the spade fit might never be found. Others would argue that 2H is an acceptable rebid since the primary feature of this hand is definitely the heart suit. A support double might prove to be more effective if partner has a good hand. He will take another bid, for example 2NT, and then you can rebid your hearts to show your hand. However, if partner has a weak hand with only four mediocre spades, then the support double will likely put you in a terrible 4-3 spade fit rather than having hearts be trump. I would tend to bid 2H which will be the winner opposite a bad hand and may still be ok even if partner has a decent hand.

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