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I played in 1NT doubled and vulnerable and made two , what is the score for this. I felt that it put me to game?


The score for 1NT doubled and vulnerable making 2 is 380.

For making the contract, you get double the points you would normally get.

If this gives you 100 or more, you get a game bonus (as normal); if it is less than 100, you get 50 points for a part score.

You get an automatic 50 point bonus for making a doubled contract

For every overtrick you make, you get 100 (not vulnerable) or 200 (vulnerable)

If you bid and make a slam, you get the normal slam bonus

Example: 1NT doubled making 7 tricks - 80 points for the basic contract (= 240, the normal score for 1NT) + 50 for a part score + 50 bonus for making a doubled contract = 180 points. The overtrick gives you an additional 200 points giving you 380.

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