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Ive misplaced my notes on partner responses to an opening 2-club bid, meaning opener has 22 points and is a Demand bid.

In answering, if partner has nothing, I believe the bid should be 2 diamonds; if has something like 8 points and 4 of a suit, the bid should be 2-3 of that suit; if has 8 points and 5 of a suit, the bid should be 3-4 of that suit; if had 8 points but failing sufficient suit, the bid should be 2 No Trump?

Would you please advise mr correctly on this?  Many thanks.

Stewart Fluney


Responder should only make a positive response in a suit if he has a decent 5 card or longer suit and 8 or more points. The bid should be the cheapest bid available in that suit, never a jump to the 3 or 4 level.

A 2C opening shows at least 22+ points, or the playing equivalent.
Responses:  2D = conventional, could be “waiting” with a good hand not suited to a positive response.

2H, 2S, 3C, 3D = natural and game forcing. At least a five-card suit and 8 points.

2NT = a balanced 8 HCP.

If opener rebids 2NT after a 2D response (showing 22–24 points), the same responses are used as over a 2NT opening:
2C — 2D
2NT — 3C = Stayman.

3D, 3H = Jacoby transfers to hearts and spades, respectively.

4C = Gerber.

4NT = inviting a slam in notrump.
If opener rebids a suit over a 2D response, the bidding is forcing to 3 of opener’s major or 4 of opener’s minor.

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