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if I bid 1 spade and partner bids 3 spade then I bid 4 clubs. what does 4 clubs mean under this situation. most of the people think that it is asking for aces but one ACBL book says it is cue bid showing club ace so that partner can bud his ace in next higher suit and so on. is this is correct or we should use 4 clubs under this situation as asking for aces?
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Most expert players agree with the ACBL book. In this treatment, 4C asks for aces only if it is a jump after a natural notrump bid as illustrated in the following examples.


Other times 4C is a cue bid showing a club control (if a trump suit has been agreed upon) or a natural club suit if no suit has yet been agreed upon and you are still looking for your best spot.

However, just because this treatment is preferred by experts does not mean that you have to adopt it. If you prefer using 4C in your auction to ask for aces, and many players do, then by all means use that approach. It has been my experience that club level players are not as comfortable using control cue bids than the experts are so it might make sense for these players to use 4C to ask for aces in auctions other than just the ones listed above. The important thing is that you and your partner agree to use the same approach.  

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