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I submitted a question and forgot to add that we only play 8 games in our bridge marathon .  Thank you.


You could try the following. For 20 pairs, assign 10 to sit N-S numbered NS-1 to NS-10. Assign the other 10 to sit E-W numbered EW-1 to EW-10. For the first game, each N-S plays against the same number E-W. For the next round, N-S pairs stay where they are and E-W pairs move to the next higher number table. Continue in this way except after game 4, each E-W moves up two tables to start game 5. So for game 5, EW-1 plays NS-6. After that, continue the original one table movement so for game 8, EW-1 plays NS-9.

For 22 pairs the numbers are NS-1 to NS-11 and EW-1 to EW-11. The movement is the same as before excepts that there is no skip. EW just keep moving up one table for the entire time.

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