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we are playing canasta with 32 players, 4 each at a table.   Two are partners with two competitors at each of 8 tables.   we play 11 rounds.   do you have a rotation where a player would not play twice with the same partner?   Would you also have a rotation where a player would not play the same opponent in the 11 rounds?   Thank you very much in advance.     wayne


Sorry, I am unable to produce a rotation that meets your criteria. I can give you a movement for 32 players for 8 rounds that comes close.

Give each player a number 1-32. The website shows charts for each table, 1-8. For each table, the number of the round, 1-8, is given in the left column. The four players that are assigned to that table, North, East, South and West are across the top (ignore the Boards column). Each round contains three rows but you only need to use one of those rows. This shows the four players that need to sit at each of the four positions at that table for that round. For example, Round #1 has players #1,#9,#17 and #25 playing at Table #1. You can ignore the other two rows for round 1 since they just contain the same four players with the positions switched. After round 1 is over just move down to a round 2 row at each table to see which players should sit where. Unfortunately, this only lists 8 rounds.  

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