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We are defending against 3NT. Partner leads the 3 C, dummy has the A x and I have K x x 2. Declared ducks in dummy and I win with the K. I now know partner started with 4 clubs ( to an honour ), dummy has 2 and I have 4 leaving declarer with 3.
I now return the 2 which, from what I have read, tells partner I started with 4 clubs.
Why does this tell partner I have 4 clubs ? Is the rule that I return my 4th highest in the suit ??. If so how do I tell him I have 3 or 2 ? By returning a higher card ??
What are the general rules in situations like this ?
Any insight you have on this subject would be greatly appreciated.



The general rule is that when returning a suit led by partner is that is you originally held 4 or more cards then lead back your original fourth best while if you originally held 3 cards you would lead back your highest card. The article below contains further insights.

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