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How do I show 19-21 points when the previous player has bid?
We play a convention where 2 clubs shows 19-21 points, pard. responds showing her points then we go to best suits and declarer decides.


If the opponent opens the bidding at the one level and you have a balanced hand with 19-21 points you would first say "double" and then bid notrump (cheapest level available) at your next turn. If you had 15-18 points you would have overcalled 1NT immediately so this action of doubling first and then bidding notrump shows a better hand than that.

If you instead have a long one suited hand you would also begin with "double" and then bid your suit at your next turn. If your hand is very strong offensively...8.5 to 9 playing could even jump in your suit at your second turn telling partner that you only need him to have one trick for you.

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