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Hello, We had an odd thing happen at our every Saturday afternoon bridge game. This has never happened before in my 40 years of playing bridge.I was dealer playing North and bid 1 heart, the other team passed all the way through,so I won't mention their bids. This is how it went.
N 1 heart
S 1 nt
N 2 spades
S 3 spades
All pass

The other team asked who is declarer and I said it was me. My partner said he started spades and he is declarer. I said OK and left the room to get some drinks. I realized after a few minutes that I started spades and should be playing the hand. I thought it best to let it play out and then tell them that the wrong partner played the hand. He made the bid and I then explained the bidding and they all agreed that the wrong person played the hand. After a few minutes of discussion, we decided that since the hand played out, it should stand. If I had brought it up during the play, the hand would be stopped and there would be a new deal. OK, after this long question, what is the rule if the wrong partner plays the hand? Thanks for any help with this.


There is no law that specifically addresses this scenario. However, it is covered by the law regarding an "opening Lead out of Turn". Obviously, as this fiasco unfolded, the first play was an opening lead made by the incorrect opening leader. When this happens, one of the options is for the actual declarer "you" to accept this lead and become dummy. You actually did this since at the time you believed that was the way it was supposed to be. However, once declarer (you) exposes one or more cards (which is what took place), he must spread his hand, becoming dummy. Therefore the result should stand. Even if the error had been brought up earlier, as soon as your hand became exposed the same decision would apply.

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