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My mother had the jack of diamonds hidden behind another card in her hand.  She played her (supposed) singleton ace of diamonds, then trumped three diamond tricks.  Then next to the last trick, she led the jack of diamonds, and my husband called her on the revoke.  How many penalty tricks are they awarded?  I say two tricks, because they would have lost the other tricks anyway had she played the jack in turn.  My husband says 4, for all three tricks that were revoked and one for the penalty.


The penalty resulting from a revoke is never more than 2 tricks. The law states that

A. Rectification following a Revoke.

When a revoke is established: If the trick on which the revoke occurred was won by the offending player, then at the end of the play the trick on which the revoke occurred is transferred to the non-offending side together with one of any subsequent tricks won by the offending side.

Therefore the total number of penalty tricks awarded equals 2.

The only exception would be

When any established revoke, including one not subject to penalty, causes damage to the non-offending side insufficiently compensated by the law, the offending side should, under transfer additional tricks so as to restore equity. In other words, the offending side cannot gain as a result of the revoke so if the end result, even after the penalty, makes the offending side better off than it would have been without the revoke then you should restore the result that is likely to have occurred had the infraction not been committed. For an example see  

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