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Hi Mr. Cissna,

I have a question regarding the layout of the Palace of Westminster.  I am a student and doing a paper on the architecture of the palace. Since I have never been there and really don't have the money to get there anytime soon I have been doing a lot of my research online.  This might seem like a pretty basic question.  What room is above the Royal Gallery in the Palace?  Is it an office or a specific room of interest? Or since the ceiling is so grand is it just a roof? I have been going crazy trying to research this but cannot find the answer anywhere! Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.    Thank you!  Ann

Hello, Ann! I'm sorry to say I'm a great fan of travel to Britain, but not a resident. Everything I can see online suggests, but does not prove, that the ceiling of the Royal Gallery and the roof are the same. Have you considered sending an email query to the Lords information office (  is the web page)? I would think they would be able to answer that question. Best of luck with your research -- and thanks for enticing me to go looking at the virtual tour! What a wonderful room!

I also found this aerial photo:  Looking at the area in the interior suggests that, given that the room is described as 45 tall, and the long narrow windows are near the top of the room, it really doesn't look as though there's space ABOVE the Gallery. Still can't be sure, though.

Here's one from the other side:

The Gallery is the long narrow structure in the "spine", just up and left of the Victoria Tower in the upper right of this last photo. Seeing it from the air really helped me "see" how the stained-glass windows are possible even though the floor plans tend to make it look as though the Gallery was in the middle of a solid building.


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