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Hello Bill, we are travelling from Canada to cruise from Southampton.  We have booked a Hilton on Park Lane for a few days before the cruise.  Therefore we have to arrange transport from the airport to London Hotel, then to the cruise ship, then to the airport from the ship.  My husband is somewhat disabled (he wears a brace) so with heavy luggage the train is not an option.  Which airport do you think would be best to do all of this from.  ( we will probably book charter buses)  Thanks Nancy

Nancy, the main two airports serving London are Heathrow and Gatwick. Heathrow is the closest to "downtown" London and is also west of the downtown area. If the airlines you choose has service to Heathrow, it probably also has a wider selection of services (such as charter buses) than Gatwick, which is a little further out in the country and almost due south. But both of the airports are well-served by motorways and access to both London and Southampton. I'd give a slight edge to Heathrow but -- assuming the availability of the ground transportation you need at either location -- either one could work for you. The determining factor may well be which of the two airports is the end destination of the airline you wish to use.

Have a fun and safe trip!


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