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hello: i need to find the best taxi service at reasonable price between heathrow and a gatwick airport hotel.thanks

The cheapest trip from Heathrow to Gatwick is a National Express bus.  However, you would then have to get to your hotel.  Just an ordinary black taxi could be your best bet, but I would probably contact a private carrier such as London Airport Transfers (Google them).

First, contact your hotel and see if they offer a transfer.  If not, ask their advice. They may offer to reserve a taxi or private car but remember that sometimes there is a kickback fee and you might do better making your own reservation.

Sadly there has never been a really good answer to the Heathrow/Gatwick transfer.  It can take forever and there is no real bargain.  I said the National Express was cheapest, but somebody could take the tube to central London and then the Gatwick Express and you still must then get to your hotel.


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