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We will be coming off a cruise ship in Southampton by mid day and taking train to London for one night. Getting on train next day by 9;am for Dover Port for leaving on another cruise.

Could you advise on modest priced hotel near train station in London... and what section of London to get off the train at.  Also restaurant and how to see as much as possible in afternoon and evening.

Thank you,

Hmm ... you've supplied me with a few interesating challenges - which I'm happy to help with, of course!

My main "problem" is in wondering if the total costs of an overnight in London are going to be acceptable to you ... especially as you'll realistically have very little time there.

By the time you got from your cruise ship to the rail station and then into London's Waterloo station (the train fare is around US$50 each, incidentally), and on to a local hotel, it may be 5 or 6pm.

Add a hotel for perhaps $150 for a double, add meals, hauling your luggage etc - and then another long run to Dover the next morning, probably with a change of train, at another $50 to $70 each (as you're travelling at "peak" time).. and you'll see my difficulty!

So, I'm very happy to help you - but I need to know what time you dock, what days you're travelling (as there are fewer trains on a weekend and there may be engineering work to cause a problem), and if you're happy to have so little time in London.
You can easily take an open top tour bus (I'll supply the details) and at least see the sights by dusk / night, depending on the month - but I also I suggest you let me know what time "check-in" is for your next cruise, as I need to be sure you're leaving London in time!

The alternative, of course, is to go from Southampton to Dover ... you'll still go via London if you take the train, but drop your luggage in the left luggage facility, take a bus tour, then return to Waterloo station and your luggage and head straight to Dover ... a long day, but saves money, is easier ... and ensures that you don't miss the cruise the next day if something goes awry ....

Does that help so far, please?


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