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So my grandfather and a couple cousins and I are considering traveling to the northern part of England (Manchester, York etc) and Northern Wales the first week of December.  We are concerned about the weather, if it will be too cold to actually enjoy the sites or whatnot, and whether or not the historic sites and attractions would be closed at that time of year.  What do you think? Is it worth it to make the trip?  And what other tips do you have? And what sites do you recommend seeing?
We are from Utah so we are used to feet of snow and freezing cold winters.  Would it be fun/worth it to go to England in December?


Well, it could be cold, but probably unlikely to have Utah-like snow anywhere in Britain.  What may be more of an issue is the relatively short daylight hours in winter, especially the further north you go. For example, sunset in York is at 3:45 pm on December 22, compared to about 5pm in Utah.  That will impact your outdoor sightseeing plans a bit.  (The weather, and the daylight do  make good "find-a-pub-with-a-roaring-fire" weather though).

Some historic sites will have limited hours, or be closed entirely, during the winter, especially outside of major cities. I'd check the listings on National Trust and English Heritage websites to get a better idea if the things you want to see will be open. Impact in cities like Manchester and York will be less.

On the plus side, you can take advantage of some pre-holiday special events. York has Christmas markets, for example;

Hope this is helpful.  

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