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Hi there

My great grandmother was a suffragette in England. I have what I believe to be her medallion from her group but I was wondering if you may have some information on it. I am considering getting it insured too.

Thank you for any help you can provide


I attached pictures

Hello Shelley,

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.  I was unable to respond to your question as the system's database was blocking me.  

As with any family heirloom I would advise insuring it.  I don't believe it has any intrinsic value besides its sentimental importance to you.  Most likely your grandmother was in a league or suffrage associations that wanted to make plain its unity in this matter.  Universal suffrage came to the UK in 1928 (restrictions applied before then (see:  If your grandmother was one of the leading suffragettes of the era there may be increased value in this interesting artifact.  Note too that it says it's a Temperance league medal; while suffrage and temperance were often linked I believe there are two different issues at hand.

My advice continues to be to look for a local auction or estate planning firm in your area.  They often have free valuation services on a monthly basis.

Good luck!

Joseph Logue

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