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Do you have any informtion on the following boat that transported my ancestor from England to Bombay in 1858... the "Forerunner" or the boat bringing him back to the UK in late 1859 the "Hope".  He was an EIC soldier but arrived in India as the EIC Army was being disbanded and he returned to England.  His wife travelled to India with him but is not recorded with him on the journey back to England, however I know tht she did return. I'd be inteerested in knowing if these were "Army" boats and where they might have departed from and returned to.  Any information would be invaluable.  Many thanks.

Hello Dee.
I'm sorry to say I've drawn a blank on this. I can't find ny reference to either ship carrying troops to/from India in 1858/59. Troops would either sail in East India Co ships or the Army would charter ships from one of the bigger shipping lines, I'm unable to find any ships large enough with those names operating in Indian waters at that time.

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