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QUESTION: Greetings to a fellow expert.  

I am an author and my question is one of research.

What would be the process of bestowing a knighthood on a Colonial in mid 18th Century Carolina.

Would he have to journey to England to receive the honor from the King? Or would a representative of the Crown in Carolina be able to bestow the knighthood?

In 1729/30 South Carolina became a Crown Colony and had its own Privy Council.

Thanks for considering my question,

ANSWER: Hello Dorothy.
A knighthood could be bestowed by the Monarch's representative, so in the case of South Carolina it would be the Governor or Acting-Governor. However he could only do so with the Monarch's approval, to do so without it would risk the honour being removed if the Monarch thought it was wrongly awarded as all honours are awarded in the name of the Sovereign.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks,Mark.  I did assume the process begin by someone who knew the person's worthy contribution...going to the Colony's Privy Council with the recommendation...Govorner sending to Crown...approval and honor given?

That is how I will portray it in my next novel if that is correct.

Many thanks,

Yes, that would be the correct procedure. Owing to the necessary lengthy delay between approaching the Colony's Privy Council in the first instance and approval coming from the King, several months at least, the Governor could bestow a knighthood then inform the King, That would be risky though as it could be rescinded simply for usurping the Royal authority and the Governor dismissed in a worst case scenario. Best if he stuck to the rules.


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