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I have been doing research about where I come from.  I came across something that stated that Queen Elizabeth the second had a great great grandson named George. So they say Charles will be the king when the queen passes away but the press in the UK make it sound that Prince Charles knows something that makes him not want to be the king or take the place of authority. I heard that when the queen passes its going to be like the end of the world. That she means so much to the people but what if this great great grandson George has a daughter of great faith to take her place? The other ROYAL Bloodline? I have seen the Royal family tree and there pictures but i don't see nothing about her great great grandson George. whats that saying "God save the Queen" mean to you? Thank you so much for your time on reading this and helping me in anyway. GodBless<3

Hello Caitlin.
The Prince George in question is the first born child of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and is third in line to the Throne after his father and grandfather Charles, Prince of Wales, he was born in July 2013. In fact Prince William's wife Catherine is due to give birth to their second child in about two or three weeks, so keep an eye on the news around the end of April.
Prince Charles is the heir and will be King, there's nothing to suggest he does not want the Crown and nothing to prevent him.
"God Save the Queen" is the name of the British National Anthem and dates from 1745, when we had a King it was "God Save the King".
If you look on the internet for Prince George or Prince George of Cambridge you'll find lots of information about him.

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