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British History/Passage to India in 1870s


Hello! I have already read your previous responses regarding travel to India from England, which were extremely helpful, however I couldn’t find the answer to a few questions that bother me.
How long did it take to travel from England to India on a steamship and through the Suez Canal? What did the passengers occupy themselves with? Were there any harbours on the way that they stopped at?
Many thanks for answering!

Hello Caroline.
It would have taken about three weeks in the 1870s, a little longer coming back.
Passengers would have had to amuse themselves as best they could with deck games or cards etc, there wasn't much else they could do on ships at that period. On board romances were a known feature of sea travel.  
There were several differing routes to/from India calling at such places as Gibraltar, Malta, Marsailles, Algiers, Port Said, Aden, Bombay, Colombo, Madras, Calcutta, not all places were visited by every ship, there were different routes.


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