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Hello, I need to know where P&O ships would dock if they travelled from Bombay to England in the 1870's to 1890's? Was there a dock in London? Also if there were to be an outbreak of cholera would the ship have been quarantined or was there no such thing then? If you have any idea of websites or good books to read around this subject please let me know as all my attempts at research have been in vain so far.
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Hello Simone.
A good book on the subject is "The Story of P&O" by David and Stephen Howarth. P&O also has its own website with historical information -
Southampton was P&O's home port until 1881 when they switched to London departures and arrivals.
If cholera was diagnosed on board ship the victim would be isolated so as not to spread the disease, but if several people had it the ship could well be quarantined by riding at anchor offshore until those on board were either dead or recovered. Luckily that was a rare occurence by the latter half of the 19th century.

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