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British History/An informative book on the princely states during the British Raj


Hi Malcolm,

Out of my interest in the history, I wanted to study about the role of the princely states during the British Raj in India following the 1857 war.

Would you be able to point me towards any book or encyclopedia on this particular topic that has a plethora of information? Greater the details, better. If it has photos of the era, that would be great.

Thank you,

Hello Vivek

This is not really my area of expertise but below is a list of books that are still in print and are relevant to your subject.

The Princes of India in the Endgame of Empire, 1917-1947 Ian Copeland

The New Cambridge History of India, Volume 3, Part 6: The Indian Princes and their States Barbara Ramusack

The Relationship Between the Indian Princely States and the Indian Central Government, 1921-1933 - Harry Dunseth.

The Paramount Power and the Princely States of India, 1858-1881 - Ajit K. Neogy.

Princely States and the Paramount Power, 1858-1876: A Study on the Nature of Political Relationship Between the British Government and the Indian State - Mihir Kumar Ray.

Indian Princely Medals: A Record of the Orders, Decorations, and Medals of the Indian Princely States, - Tony McClenaghan.

The Princely States of India: A Chronological Checklist of Their Rulers - David P. Henige.

The Maharaja & the Princely States of India, - Sharada Dwivedi

Illustrated Encyclopaedia & Who's who of Princely States in Indian Sub-continent, by J. C. Dua
True Tales of British India & the Princely States - Michael Wise.

India's Princely States: People, Princes and Colonialism - Waltraud Ernst, Biswamoy Pati.

The golden book of India, a genealogical and biographical dictionary of the ruling princes, chiefs, nobles, and other personages, titled or decorated, of the Indian empire Sir Roper Lethbridge.

This last one is probably the best but also is likely to be the most expensive. However you can find the text of this book online by pasting the link below into your browser.

I hope you have found this helpful


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