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Would you be able to tell me when the Welsh Uprising of 1211 started and ended? (Obviously I mean months and days if possible.) Every time I look it up it looks like they've copied their answers from Wikipedia. Exactly the same. Help help help.

Hello Kay.
I know what you mean about Wikipedia, it's possible to love it and loath it at the same time.
Precise dates are unknown, but it seems that there was no exact date for Llywelyn of Gwynedd's rising, he had steadily built up his position over the years until King John decided that he had become too powerful and invaded north Wales in May 1211. He was forced to retreat as Llywelyn withdrew into the mountains and the English suffered greatly from hunger having failed to carry adequate food supplies in such difficult country. King John invaded a second time in July with a far better provisioned army. This time he was successful crossing the entire north of Wales to Bangor. Llywelyn was forced to submit handing over land and hostages and paying an indemnity under a treaty signed at Oswestry in August.
As it turned out King John's triumph was short-lived as Llywelyn rebelled again in 1212 and with the English King preoccupied with the troublesome Barons at home he was able to regain his lost territory and even invade England itself.
See "King John" by W L Warren, chapter 6 parts 3 & 4 and "Domesday Book to Magna Carta 1087-1216" by A L Poole, chapter 9 section b.


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