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rajiv shukla wrote at 2013-03-17 06:25:24
Please read about Adolphe Appia's usage of props and stagecraft and then see youtube clips on Bali dance and drama. Read some text on Indian dance mudras and their meaning. For oriental stage setting see Bali stagecraft, India theatre, particularly nautanki and you will know where Artaud got his inspiration from.

His music is mostly oriental but scrip essentially western. See Godard movies and Bonnie and Clyde film.

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Contemporary British stage lighting practice and current stage lighting training. Stage lighting design and stage lighting technology. Devised and site specific theatre. I am a working freelance lighting designer and lecturer / subject leader in stage lighting.


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Freelance Gaffer
Broken Home Movies, Film Workshop, Edinburgh

Architectural Lighting Designer
Le Marche Noir Restaurant, Waterfront Wine Bar, The Wine Emporium, Glasgow.

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Martin Bone Associates ;
Trade Show Jaguar Launch
Trade Show Mondeo Launch.
Trade Show Mercedes Launch.   
Conference AGM United Biscuits.
Awards Ceremony Guild Hall.

Lighting Designer
Boilerhouse Theatre Co, Headstate devised play, Scottish Tour: Tramway Workshop, Lemon Tree Aberdeen, Paisly Arts Centre

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Damage Theatre Co, Two Sevens Clash, Devised play Traverse Theatre.

Architectural Lighting Designer
Cliffe-Catterall Chartered Accountants Offices, Edinburgh

Architectural Lighting Designer
Linsmore Hotel, Aberdeen

Lighting Designer
Boilerhouse Theatre Co. ? No New Miracles ? by Alan Warner. Traverse Theatre, Tramway, Lemon Tree, Dundee Rep.

Lighting Designer
St.Magnus Festival. Orkney. Devised Dance Piece.
? Storm Watchers ? an ? Lord Of The Mirrors ?

Lighting Designer Boilerhouse Theatre Co. ? Pipers Cave ? by Rona
Munro. Paisley Arts Centre and Edinburgh Festival.

Lighting Designer Boilerhouse Theatre Co. Re-Light of Headstate by
Irvine Welsh. Cafe Graffiti. Edinburgh Festival.

Lighting Designer Queen Margaret College. ?Elizabeth Gordon Quinn?

Lighting Designer Boilerhouse Theatre Co. Re-Light of Headstate by
Irvine Welsh. Docklands International Festival

Lighting Designer Benchtours Theatre Co. ? The Corridor ?. Traverse Theatre Edinburgh Festival 97. Scottish / Irish Tour.

Lighting Designer Grid Iron Theatre Co. ? Gargantua ? Edinburgh
Festival 98. Fringe First. Promenade. Site Specific.

Electrics Assistant " House of Mirth " Feature film. Location filming in Glasgow.

Consultancy Benchtours Theatre Co. Technical Consultant and Client Liason. Lottery Bid for Lighting and Sound equipment.

Lighting Designer Grid Iron Theatre Co. ? Monumental ? Citizens Theatre
Glasgow. 1999. Promenade. Site Specific.

Lighting Designer Arches Theatre Co. ? Horses Horses ? Arches Theatre Glasgow. 2000. Promenade.

Lighting Designer Grid Iron Theatre Co. "Decky Does a Bronco" Site specific. Tour. Summer 2000.

Technical Consultant / Hill Street Theatre. Gateway Theatre. Universal Arts Production Manager fringe festival 2000.

Lighting Designer Boilerhouse Theatre Co. " RED " Promenade. UK Tour.

Lighting Designer Prime Productions. Sunset Song. Scottish Tour.

Technical Consultant / Hill Street Theatre. Gateway Theatre. Universal Arts Production Manager Edinburgh festival. 2001.

Lighting Designer Grid Iron Theatre Co. Co-Production with Almeida Theatre. Decky Does A Bronco Site Specific. UK Tour. Summer 2001.

Lighting Designer The Seer. New One Act Opera. Dingwall Festival. Autumn 2001.

Lighting Designer Fermentation Grid Iron Theatre Co. Spring 2002. Lighting Designer Grid Iron Theatre Co. VARIETY. Edinburgh International Festival 2002. Kings Theatre. Lighting Designer BBC 4. Grid iron Theatre Co. VARIETY. Lighting Designer SUNSET SONG Prime Productions. No.1 Scottish Tour. Lighting Designer Grid Iron - Unique Events. Burns Festival Alloway. Promenade Show. "The Houghmagandie Pack" Lighting Designer Mr McFalls Chamber Orchestra Queens Hall Edinburgh Lighting Designer Grid Iron. Edinburgh Festival 2003. " Those Eyes That Mouth" Five Awards inc. Fringe First Lighting Designer Arches Theatre Co. ?To The Moon? Young Directors Awards Spring 2004 Lighting Designer Greyfriars Kirk Charity show for Maggie?s Centre Lighting Designer Boilerhouse Theatre Co. ?The Bridge? Glasgow Green, The Quad ? Edinburgh Festival. France. Summer 2004 Lighting Designer FidgetFeet Company. ?Solaris? ?Can?t Handle Me? Ariel Dance. Customs House Newcastle. Dublin Festival. Lighting Designer Papillion Productions. ? One, One Two? Dance Piece North Edinburgh Arts. 2004. Lighting Designer Children Of The Sea Botanic Gardens Edinburgh 2005. Five Awards including Fringe First Lighting Designer ?Shift? Site specific art project. National Trust. Newhails House, Mussleburgh. 2005 Lighting Designer ?The Trial? Tramway Glasgow Lighting Designer A Christmas Tale. Theatre Workshop Edinburgh Lighting Designer ?Heid? Musical Scottish Tour 2006 Previous Theatre Lighting Design work includes, FOR THE TRAVERSE THEATRE : FUGUE, SPACE INVADERS, BUGLER BOY, MEDEA, THE INNOCENT, POINTS OF DEPARTURE ( Amsterdam / Edinburgh ), 78 REVOLUTIONS, KLIMKOV, AN HISTORIE OF THE MACHINE, ROUGHNECK, NOONDAY DEMONS, MORE HAPPY CHICKENS, THROUGH THE LEAVES ( London / Edinburgh ), DEAD MEN ( Australia / Edinburgh ), WHITE ROSE (London / Edinburgh), LOSING VENICE ( Australia / Edinburgh ), AUS DER FREMDE, ELIZABETH GORDON QUINN, DEATH OF ELIAS SAWNEY, KORA, THE ORPHANS COMEDY, BURNING LOVE, LUCY?S PLAY, KATHIE & THE HIPPOPOTAMUS (London / Edinburgh), BLITZ, ABLE BAREBONE, PLAYING WITH FIRE, NOAH?S WIFE, THE PROWLER. A MAN WITH CONNECTIONS (London / Edinburgh). SHADOWING THE CONQUEROR, THE CONQUEST OF THE SOUTH POLE (London / Edinburgh), THE RAIN GATHERING. FOR MONSTROUS REGIMENT: BEARTRICE FOR COMMUNICADO THEATRE: MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS GOT HER HEAD CHOPPED OFF, DESIRE.

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