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What does this mean-"No incoming connections" in utorrent..? how do i FIX it..?
And i am unable to download from utorrent because of that

Additional Details
i am connected to internet and i have a modem(Teracom) with inbuilt WIFI router....
but still i am getting "no incoming connection " error in bit torrent..
and also i have turned off the windows firewall>>>???
what's the problem

What it means is that either your Teracom Wifi modem router is blocking bittorrnet or you have a firewall program on your PC that is blocking it other than windows firewall.

To run bittorrent successfully you need to start with a good router.  Almost certainly your teracom isn't up to snuff even if it wasn't blocking it.

Generally you need to run either a really expensive wireless router or you need to run dd-wrt on an inexpensive router and configure it for bittorrent use.  Here is an example guide:

Your DSL modem needs to be in bridged mode with the wifi turned off.

Most people running bittorrent aren't aware they are running it - their machines are infected with viruses that run it without their knowledge - and as a result ISP's have included blocking code in their ISP-supplied DSL/modem/routers for bittorrent.

The idea is that if your inexperienced enough with bittorrent that you are unaware that a common garden-variety unmodified router isn't going to work with it, you shouldn't be running it.  If you are experienced with bittorrent then you wouldn't be using the ISP-supplied router in the first place and the fact they include blocking code in their router would be of no concern since you would have it in bridged mode where the routing code wouldn't be active.

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