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QUESTION: I want to get rid if direct TV and have internet on my TVs.  I have 3 TVs, one upstairs and 2 downstairs.  My router is upstairs.  How can I go about setting this up?

ANSWER: I think you mean that you want to watch TV off the Internet on your TVs.

You will need a computer connected to each TV  You can do this if the TV's have HDMI inputs, by purchasing a video card for each PC that has HDMI output.

The computers need to have a connection to the router.  You can get wireless USB devices that would work.

Once you can surf the web on your computer and display it on the TV set, you can buy subscriptions to Netflix and to and watch the movies and TV shows there.

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QUESTION: There is no way to connect to a TV wirelessly?

The only way you can wirelessly connect to a TV would be if the TV has a computer in it that will connect to the Internet, and the TV has a wireless interface in it connected to that computer.

A few higher-end TV's are starting to come with these - but, they are inevitably hard-coded to only
support Netflix and/or Pandora.  I don't know of any TV's that combine a computer that can surf the web with a reasonable web experience.

You need to remember that a TV set - even a high definition TV set - has inferior resolution to a PC monitor.  This makes display of text and other fine lines difficult.  That's why there's no incentive to release a product that combines the two.  They have tried in the past and it's failed.

If all you want is netflix on a TV set then buy a blueray player with netflix in it, plug it into the TV and exchange your monthly directv fee for a monthly netflix fee.  Many blueray players are wireless these days.

But if you want to surf the web and watch tv shows off youtube and hulu and other sites like that - then use a computer and display it on the tv.

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