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QUESTION: Hello Ted,

I am currently subscribing to Broadband Internet through my local phone company which is connected to my desktop computer.  I have had this setup for approximately 1 year.  

A few months ago I purchased a new Dell Laptop computer, after which I contacted the phone company to assist me in connecting the laptop to my router.  They told me they would have to come to my home and do it themselves, so we attempted to arrange a time that was convenient for both of us, but so far I have not been available during their business hours to let them in.  

I have been told it is a simple process...something about just plugging in an "Ethernet" cable from the router into my laptop.  My router has multiple ethernet outlets in the back of the box, so more than 1 computer can be hooked up, but I have not attempted to do it myself...yet.   I was wondering if there is a step-by-step process you can walk me through to get this done?  Or is each phone company system different in the way they hook up to a broadband/router system?

By the way, the router brand I have is a Westell, Model A90-750044, if that helps.  

Any advice you can give me is much appreciated.  


ANSWER: get on craigslist and look in the services offered section, any competent service tech can come to your house and do it in an hour and many service techs moonlight on there.  Another place to find a service tech is thumbtack.

I could maybe walk you though it but the fact is that I already do that professionally for people and guides to do this are all over the Internet like at places like, so really, if your not willing to do the research to do it yourself, please don't ask soomeone else to do the research for you.

these modems are designed for end users to do what your asking to have done.  Westell has downloadable manuals available, your phone company has manuals, Dell's got an 800 number you can get support from plus lots of online help - this is no different than asking someone on an auto forum how to do something that's already documented in their owners manual.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the tips, but you didn't have to resort to sarcasm.  I am fully aware that I can do "my own research", but if you are masquarading as an "EXPERT" on you might want to clean up the attitude instead of being a smartass.  

I could give you a scathing review and rating as an expert but I won't.  But how about in the future trying to be just a bit more friendly?  Having said that, I'm really sorry I bothered you!  How silly of me to ask a question and expect help.

Sorry, I wasn't being sarcastic, I didn't mean for it to sound nasty, I was being petulant, though.  I will repeat, though, that these modems are indeed designed for end users to use.  Just go to the Westell site, click Support, click Versalink 7500, click any of the 7500 models that have a User Guide and download the User Guide.  All of them use the same firmware the model number differences are there because westell manufactured the different models with different presets.  Or, go to DSL reports and search on Westell 7500, here's a page with all the links

Your DSL modem model number appears to be a Frontier number - Frontier bought Verizon's DSL network a few years back - and their tech support stinks, your wasting your time on their website - but, they made few changes to the Verizon DSL network and so everything on the support website is applicable to your modem.   the URL above contains everything you need to get your modem advertising a wireless network, and if you need help with specialty wireless software and hardware on your laptop then the only people who can help you there are Dell.

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