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QUESTION: Hello: I subscribe to cable TV and all my channels are crystal clear,except for one,which is so pixelated it is unwatchable.Is this a problem at my end,or the cable company? I get the runaround from my cable provider,who claims they remotely reset my modem,and recommended I unplug my digital box,and plug it in again after a minute or so.None of that seems to have helped.Your opinion would be greatly appreciated,thanks!

ANSWER: if your renting your digital cable box from the cable company then take it back and get another one.  resetting your cable modem isnt going to do anything since your digital tv doesen't go though it

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QUESTION: Thanks for your quick response.I found what was causing my problem:I have a push-on type coax cable attached to the back of my PVR cable-in jack,and when I twisted it and pulled it off and on a few times,the pixelation went away,and reception is normal again.My question to you is: why would this pixelation problem only show up on ONE channel? All my other channels have NEVER had a pixelation problem.Thanks!

Because that channel reception signal level is lower than the others.  Your push on coax connection is marginal, doing what you did probably rubbed away some of the oxide on the contacts, and slightly reduced the contact resistance, thus the signal level of all channels rose, since that one is lower, it raised it just enough to get past the threshold of reception.

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