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I live in an area where the only way to connect to the Internet is Dial-up or Satellite.  The local telephone company has DSLAM's in towns 10 miles to the south and 25 miles to the north.  While both are too far for DSL, I believe the line between them runs down the highway less than 12,000 feet from my house. My question is, is there any way for them to connect me to the line at the highway that would enable me to get DSL?
Additional information:
I have 2 phone lines in my home. One voice, One Computer.
Dial-up Connection line quality to my ISP 10 miles away is excellent, connections are between 48 and 51.6 kbits/sec.
The boxes at the highway are 8.3 miles from the phone companies office in town.

I hope you can help, I have been trying for over 10 years to find a solution.

Yes, the phone company can insert a fiber tap, cost about $100K or so, plus a temperature controlled building with a generator to house it in...

I'm sorry but the digital age has often produced this dichotomy - you have people living in rural areas who are practically on top of long haul fiber that is carrying hundreds of terabits of data - yet they can't get any better than dialup.

The situation is similar to the situation where you have a farmer or rancher who has an interstate highway crossing his land, but there is no way he can just drive onto the interstate - he has to drive 5 miles south on a country lane to the next overpass, he can't just drive 1000 feet over to the interstate highway and just hop on.  (at least not legally)

Or the homeowner who has a long haul natural gas pipeline running 200 feet away but his natural gas comes from the distribution station 6 miles away...

I assume you don't get cellular coverage...

10 miles is doable with mast mounted parabolic wifi dishes pointed at each other as long as the 2 antennas have line of sight.  Maybe you could find someone in town who could shoot a wifi signal to you?

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