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   could you please refer me good book or link etc for ethernet.

While I can refer you to some good books on the TCP/IP protocol I haven't really seen any good Ethernet books.  Mainly because the official Ethernet standards documents are available from IEEE and can be checked out of any good university library, and because the unofficial "de facto" standards for Ethernet are best discovered by Googling the web.  Start with the Wikipedia entry for Ethernet and go on from there.  Also note that Ethernet in history was very different than Ethernet today.

Many of the key players who invented ethernet are still alive and running around and giving interviews today, and some of them are busy re-writing history or at least blurring it.  I have seen claims made recently by some of them that I know wern't being made a decade ago.

To understand Ethernet on a technical level your best to stick with the IEEE documents and the vendor documents.

Broadband (Cable, DSL, Satellite, Fiber Optics)

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