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I have a question about fiber optic cables.

I live in a two storey house. The modem is downstairs. The computer downstairs close to the modem has good internet speed. I have connected the upstairs computer to the same modem with a 20 meter cat 6 cable, however  the internet speed is diminished because of the long cable. I want to change this 20 meter cat 6 cable with a fiber optic cable to get the same internet speed as the downstairs computer. Could you please tell me how to do this and what cables and converters I need to buy.

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Ethernet can go 10 times the distance as 20 meters before suffering degradation.  In addition, Ethernet is a binary on-off signal not an analog signal.  As a result when you exceed the maximum diameter of an Ethernet segment, things just stop working completely.

If your not getting the same speed upstairs then the most likely explanation is that the switch in use at the "modem" is not negotiating properly with the upstairs computer.  This could be due to a cable installation error or Ethernet chip incompatability.

However, in all likelihood it isn't even the Ethernet cable at all.  

Carry the upstairs computer downstairs and set it up next to the modem.  If it works properly there, then call a low voltage wiring contractor who does Ethernet installations to come in and properly cable the home.


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