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I have a DSL modem using ATT.  Connected to that I also have a router.  I suspect the modem is causing connection issues based on some testing and talking to ATT.  ATT is recommending I replace the modem with a modem router combo.  They support a Netgear 7550, Pace 4111N, or a 2wire 2701.  Do you have any opinions on these units, or know of anything better that will work with the ATT network?


My experience is that 90% of the time DSL connection issues are caused by problems in the phone line.  Sometimes the newer DSL modems have chipsets in them that are better able to compensate with poor phone line conditions but normally this is just a palliative, it covers up the issue a little better but the underlying problem is still there.

I generally don't advocate separating the DSL modem and the router function.  You did not say what model of DSL modem you currently have, or what speed your DSL line is at.

You can get the 2wire 2701's from Goodwill or Ebay very cheaply since they have been on the market for years.  That is what I would do.  Get one of those and see how well it works.  If you still have connection problems then you can tell ATT to dispatch a tech.  I am betting that you will still have connection problems, but there is always the chance their support group is right.  It happens sometimes.

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