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I have a laptop that is wirelessly connected to the internet and have had no problems for years.  I recently bought my daughter a new laptop and went through the set up process but her connection is spotty at best.  Most of the time a website is accessed and then the connection is lost or "limited'.  I know I have not given much technical info but I first wanted to see if this was a problem you were familiar with.  Thanks.

Very likely your wireless base unit has an older "g" radio, as does your laptop.  All new wireless devices both laptops and base units now ship with N radios.  Supposedly these are backwards compatible and will shift down to the slower G speed.  Sometimes that works.  Other times it does not.

I would recommend that you buy a new base unit - preferably from wherever you bought the laptop from (like if you got the laptop from Dell or Apple, get the base unit from Dell or Apple) and ADD it to your existing setup - plug it into a spare Ethernet port on your DSL or cable modem, and set it up with a separate SSID from your existing setup.  Just make sure you set it to a different radio channel from your existing unit.

that way she can associate to the new radio and you can associate to the old radio, your setup will remain stable and if hers doesn't work then it's Dell's problem (or whoever the manufacturer of the laptop is)  

Broadband (Cable, DSL, Satellite, Fiber Optics)

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