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If DHCP leased time is not expired. For Host (end point) we gave a reboot, will host send DHCP discover request?? (or) will it send DHCP request will send???

Which one will happen ???

If your reply is DHCP request, how host will know its previous IP - ADDR ???
Where it will be stored ???

M Srinivasa Rao

With DHCP the Host is the server side handing out addresses.  The Client is the end point site obtaining an address.

If the lease time is not expired on an IP address then the host will simply return the same IP number that it handed out previously.  The host knows what that is because it saves the IPs it hands out in the lease table.

The client knows nothing.  Normally.  However some clients like Windows have an emergency option where if they don't get a DHCP server response they will temporarily use the same IP number they got assigned the last time they were booted.  But, they will keep requesting for a DHCP response and once they get it, they will change their IP address to what the server hands out.

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