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Hello Ted,

My broadband speed checker consistently reports that I am getting 35-40 (~ish) mbps download and 6-10 upload speeds; but when I actually download something the speed is commonly in the single-digit range (and VERY often can be as low as 0.5 mbs. Sometimes, I see the dreaded "K" (-bps!) On the whole, I'd say my real average is a pitiful 4 to 5mbps. (And I'm paying for 80!)

This leaves me wondering if the individual websites concerned can have an effect on download speeds--in short, that I can do nothing about that.

Any comments?

Yes the individual websites throttle bandwidth.  But the major sites don't. Are you doing this test over a wifi connection or not?  Who is your Internet provider?

If you are doing this test over wifi then forget it, your readings won't be worth anything.  Plug an Ethernet cable into your modem and plug it into your PC then try your testing.

Broadband (Cable, DSL, Satellite, Fiber Optics)

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