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i am on 1Gbps fibre broadband speed. The optic cable is plugged into my Huawei Gpon ONT modem (does not support 802.11ac),it is then connected to my ASUS AC5300 router via a CAT7 LAN cable. I want to change to a 802.11ac modem but I am not sure if it is necessary or will it improve anything to the network.

There is no CAT7 standard.   There is no way to know if switching from your ASUS AC5300 802.11ac router to an 802.11ac modem will improve anything unless you try it.  Normally I would say no.  However in this case the only thing I will point out is that the ASUS AC5300 is probably the ugliest wifi device ever designed and that indicates to me that ASUS spent lots and lots of money on an "artsy" design which might mean they didn't have a lot of money left over to put into the wifi chipset.  Perhaps a wifi router that is more boring-looking will have spent more money on the electronics and less on the case?

Broadband (Cable, DSL, Satellite, Fiber Optics)

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