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I come from a related to TV entertainment industry but have very little experience directly in this field. My company has a concept for a new series that so far has a 100% positive response from market research done to date. First question is how does one now protect a new concept from being stolen by a third party when trying to sell the series and secondly can you advise of a good prodction company that has international capabilities.This series would be based on outside activities and competitions.

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As far as protecting your product, I would consult with a legal firm in your area to make sure that once you expose the idea, no one can steal out from under you. I am not sure where you are in Australia, but I would look to find a good entertainment and see if you can obtain a session to discuss what would be involved in your particular case and how you would go about protecting it. You would be correct in assuming that there are some particulars that you need to go over and make sure you are covered!

As far as the production goes, I do not have any production companies that I am aware of that are international. Just a question here, but is there some interest on the part of a network here? You can find a company and obtain some cost figures, but I was more curious as to a deal you may have brewing with a network somewhere. If you have protected the idea, and if you have some idea about the cost of the show, in my case, I would be floating out some indicators that I may have something to the networks or syndicators to see if there would be any interest. I would check all of that some before I became aggressive with any production persons....and you may have done that already....

In any event, best of luck on your show idea! I hope it all works out!

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