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A friend and myself had an idea for a show to pitch to the Travel Channel,but when scimming over Scripps' legal page came across this, "ideas must be submitted by television production companies with national or major market production credentials." What is the best cheapest way to get this done?

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The simple answer is there is no shortcut for producing a network type show...they simply cost money. To that end, you will have to partner up with a company that has the credentials the network is looking for in a program. There are production folks that they have worked with or know of that will deliver a competent product that meets the technical specifications of their network. So when you advance to that level and want to play in the majors, the cost will be above he norm.

I have no idea what type of show you are doing, but if it is to be interesting and cutting edge for the network, they will demand a certain level of expertise and equipment that provides the type of picture they are looking for on their channel. Those standards keep all the shows in line so the network quality is never in question on the part of the viewer.

You will need cash to see this through to completion. As I have mentioned here before, if it was easy, every one with a camera would want to be on - see You Tube..... Unfortunately, it costs a lot to produce a show for a network and even those costs have come down some due to the technology.

Good luck in your search!

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