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Hi Patrick! I'm a graduating senior majoring in communications. My focus was public relations but for the past year my heart as been in broadcasting, and after so many peoe telling me that I have the personality and love of people, I've decided to follow my dreams of becoming a popular television personality in the entertainment world much like Guilliana Rancic of E-News. With this being my last semester in college and changing my focus so late, I don't know where to begin to get my start in this career path. Basically, do you know the best place to start? I'm willing to do internships and such, but I don't know where or what kind of internships to begin with. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Hey Ruthie!

Thanks for stopping by...and please pardon my delay in responding...
So you want to be on the big screen? Well let's start with the personality and your appearance. As you know in today's world, you need to have that presence that the audience find attractive - that combination of personality and how you look and sound.

Once we get through that point, we need to move on your ability to speak spontaneously, write, and possibly shoot and edit your own material. This requires some experience in both working on camera and behind the scenes.

I am not sure what internships are available to you, but one with a local news organization would be helpful so that you can at least discover the process - in front of and behind the camera. I would offer to view your material, but the last time I did it, I offered a real opinion and was sort of told I didn't know what I was doing! That person is still not working in front of a camera regularly however - you really end up putting yourself on the line. You have to be able to take criticism of which there will be much and use it to make yourself better.

If you talk to most personalities, their road is long and arduous - but if you are up for the task, then prepare for many jobs where you travel and try to find just that right position. A good friend of mine is in the news business - she started in a small station in Texas, went to Columbus, OH, then to Orlando, FL and is now in St. Louis. Prior to that, she spent a few years working on the local cable channel while she had another job and learned to shoot and edit her own material! I am very proud of her - she has the talent but has had to work to bring it out and been through many disappointments to get where she is almost 10 years later.

My point? She wanted it realllllly bad - and worked to achieve her goal - while having some definite talent and camera presence. I would tell you this so that you understand that it will be a hard road where the competition is very tough and many times the monetary side is not what you think it may be...

But to get into it, you need to work some behind the scenes, look for opportunities to volunteer extra duty, and do every thing you can to work on your on camera presence while making yourself to those in the know. It is important for you to make contacts and work at developing a mentor who can help you through the process in your area....

We can certainly have more of a discussion here if you wish to ask more questions or offer some comments....In the meantime, I wish you the best in your search for your career in the business!

Patrick Murray


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Having been in the broadcast community for over thirty years, I am able to assist others in discovering their niche in the area of broadcast televison, in both production and talent, as well as sports, medical, or corporate production. This would include methods of production, purchase of equipment, or philosophy of acting.


Armed with a dual degree in TV/Radio and Theater, I began my career as a camera operator in a major market television station. Directing and production management were soon to follow. Currently, I have my own business as a freelance producer-director, and have been primarily working in field of sports production.

I belong to NATAS (National Association of Arts and Sciences).

I hold a BA in TV/Radio and Theater from Ashland University, located in Ashland, Ohio.

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I have received 10 local Emmy awards for various sports shows produced in the Northeast Ohio region.

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